You’ll Love This Interior Design Trend

Interior design trends are constantly changing and evolving. So far, in 2022, we’ve seen a return to relaxing earthy colors and an emphasis on natural beauty. This year has also ushered in a desire for sustainable and global-inspired decor. As we long to travel and explore the world once again, we can bring a bit of the world into our homes. 

What is Japandi?

Japandi is an interior design trend that blends Japanese and Scandinavian design styles. It takes the cozy “hygge” feeling of Scandinavian interior designs and the Japanese “wabi-sabi” concept that encourages a deep connection to your space. This interior design style focuses on long-lasting and well-made elements that will bring you joy for years to come. Sustainable materials are a must. Think wood and stone, not plastic and acrylic. 

Homeowners love Japandi for its timeless appearance and comforting ambiance, and we think you’ll love it too. Keep reading for Japandi interior design inspiration. 

Use Luxurious Neutrals and Natural Tones

Muted and soft colors will create coziness. Neutral colors like taupe, tawny beige, or Sherwin Williams’ Sweater Weather are perfect for all-over wall colors. Sage green, earthy-orange, and deep oak brown make excellent choices for accent colors. This trend aims to be tranquil, cozy, yet luxurious, so keep the colors calm but sophisticated.

Opt for Rounded Edges and Ditch Sharp Corners

When choosing furniture, consider pieces with rounded corners. Sharp edges can look harsh in a Japandi interior design. Embrace curved lines for a natural appearance. Though this style features minimalism, it is far more inspired by the fluidity of nature in which there are rarely perfectly straight lines.

Wooden bowls and woven baskets make elegant decor that doubles as storage. Their nonlinear appearance can help guide your eye along the room.

Add Natural Elements Like Plants

House plants will take your Japandi interior design to the next level. They will add beautiful green color to your space and can even uplift your mood and help you breathe easier. If you were born without a green thumb, you can incorporate faux plants or choose a beginner-friendly snake plant, pothos, or bamboo. 

Skip the metallic accents and choose stone or wood instead. Wood grain accessories and furniture are not only typically better quality than plastic, but they also fit the nature-inspired Japandi style. 

Choose Nature-Inspired or Minimalist Art

You have a few options when selecting artwork to feature within your Japandi room. You can choose minimalist art with pops of muted or neutral colors. Or, you can display natural landscapes with earthy tones. A good work of art can become a focal point of a room. It can also add attractive colors that you can use throughout your decor. So take your time when considering what art you’d like to add to your new Japandi interior design. 

Japandi offers homeowners and interior designers a unique combination of minimalism and coziness. Previously, the word cozy was associated with maximalism, but this thoughtful interior design style promotes selectivity. Each piece should be considered carefully so that you can create an interior design that relaxes, inspires, and feels true to you.

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