Are Mosaic Tiles Good for Pools?

Mosaics are a beautiful way to elevate an interior design, but are mosaic tiles good for pools? While not all tiles are created equal, many mosaic tiles are suitable for underwater installation. A water-resistant mosaic is the way to go if you want to upgrade your pool. Keep reading to learn more about pool-safe mosaics and how you can use them at home.

How Do I Choose a Pool Mosaic?

Firstly, you want to choose a mosaic with water-resistant and pool-safe tiles. If your mosaic is not resistant to water and moisture, your tiles will likely accumulate more damage over time. Be sure to check the material of any mosaic you consider. All pieces at Mosaic Natural are water-resistant and pool-ready.

Next, consider where you want to install a mosaic. There are many different styles of mosaics that you can use. Many pools have a tile border that wraps around the wall. Additionally, floor mosaics of sealife are very popular as well. Your pool layout may provide more opportunities for mosaics, so imagine how you would like your space to look.

Lastly, find a design that fits the aesthetic you want. You can create any ambiance or atmosphere with art. Transform your pool into a coastal paradise, a tropical resort, or even a mermaid’s palace. The right mosaic will unite your space, so take your time selecting a piece.

How Much Do Pool Mosaics Cost?

The cost of your pool mosaic will vary depending on the mosaic and labor. Mosaics’ price ranges according to the tile material, size, and work. A sizeable and intricate composition will cost more than a small piece. Additionally, the overall price of a mosaic tile border will depend on the number of border pieces you need. 

Take this border that costs $239, for example. If you wanted to cover a wall around 20 feet long, you would need about six border pieces for a total of approximately $1440. Mosaic Natural can create border tiles to your specifications, so you can cover the areas you want without paying for too many tiles. 

The labor cost will be low for homeowners looking to install their pool mosaic themselves. However, you can hire an outside contractor if you desire expert-level installation. Pool tile installation can cost up to $120 an hour for labor. Local professional rates will vary; you can consult sites like to see the contractors in your area. 

Can I Tile My Own Pool?

While you can tile your pool, you should seriously consider hiring a professional for proper installation. Tiling a pool yourself can be a rewarding and low-cost option, but it will likely cost you a lot of time. You’ll need time to learn the process, buy the supplies, and complete the installation. An expert already knows how to install pool tiles, and they bring the supplies they’ll use.

How Long Do Pool Tiles Last?

The durability of your pool tiles will depend upon their material, installation, water quality, and routine maintenance. A poorly installed pool mosaic with porous tiles will not last as long as well-installed water-resistant tiles. Similarly, poor water quality or highly acidic water may discolor or damage pool tiles.

Mosaic tiles have become a beautiful design staple everywhere, from large resort pools to family-favorite home pools. You, too, can enjoy the classic beauty of a mosaic in your pool. Explore Mosaic Natural’s collection of water-resistant pool mosaics to find your perfect pool mosaic.

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