Eclectic Style Interior Designs Tips

The eclectic style interior design borrows from a variety of styles and historical influences. Interior designers and homeowners often choose an eclectic design scheme that tastefully blends decor and art from multiple interior design styles. The best part about eclecticism is its customizable nature. You can create the room you want by drawing inspiration wherever you see it. Take a look at some of our favorite eclectic spaces and plan your next design project!

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Don’t Be Afraid of Multiple Bold Colors

Colorful interior designs may intimidate you, but they can be incredibly chic. Bold color-blocking is a great way to create an accent wall. If vibrant walls are challenging due to space or rental limitations, you can utilize color in your furniture and decor. Choose eye-catching tchotchkes in electric blue, a velvet setee in Kelly green, or an orange lamp for a funky and edgy vibe.

Eclectic interior design styles can feature whatever color suits your tastes. The beauty of this mixed style comes from your individual preferences. Use complementary, contrasting, or analogous colors to create visual interest and drama.

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Get Playful with Patterns and Prints

With the popularity of minimalism, prints and patterns often go overlooked. Words like “busy” and “loud” do not fit an eclectic space. Instead, patterns are engaging and fun. They somehow blend in well with bold solid colors or even other prints.

Patterned wallpaper is an excellent addition to an eclectic living room, bathroom, or bedroom. Use it throughout the room or in pointed areas where you want a touch of excitement. You can also incorporate bold or exciting patterns into your decor. Chevron throw pillows are a start, but exploring different prints is a fun way to find your perfect room design.

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Mix Materials and Blend Textures 

Mixed textures can look incredibly chic and effortlessly trendy. A stone vase with a copper band at the bottom is chic yet natural. Mixed materials fit right into the eclectic interior design style by blending two styles that normally wouldn’t be used together. Your home decor does not have to follow any rules to be eclectic so long as there is variety. Variety and self-expression are the keys to nailing the eclectic style.

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Experiment with Maximalist Design Style

Maximalism has gotten a reputation for feeling cluttered or busy. The truth is a maximalist interior design can be functional and stylish without overwhelming the eye. The key is to choose decor, furniture, and colors with selectivity. A gorgeous eclectic living room doesn’t need everything you own, but a curated display will elevate the space.

Create a wall of artwork that harmonizes or showcases your favorite collection of themed accessories and accouterment. If you place everything with purpose and thought, you can transform your room from cluttered to cultivated.

Display Eclectic Decor and Art

Artwork can unify an eclectic style interior design. Do you have family photographs or perhaps some creative prints from independent artists? Attractive artwork that utilizes bold colors, exciting prints, and distinctive compositions will blend beautifully into your eclectic living room or bedroom.

Consider a vibrant abstract mosaic or stylish mosaic tiles to add texture, color, and dimension. An authentic, eclectic design scheme is unique and different. Adding intriguing art to your space is an easy way to enhance it. Choose pieces that resonate with you, and you will create a room that inspires and comforts all simultaneously.

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Express Yourself with Eclectic Style

Eclectic rooms are perfect for individualists who want a space that reflects their personalities. Choose bold colors, eye-catching prints, mixed materials, and unique art to achieve an eclectic interior design style. Allow your home to be a representation of your taste and style. You’ll love it that much more.

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