Mosaics are versatile works of art that you can display in many appealing ways. Whether designing an entire living room or revamping an outdoor space, a mosaic can be the key to achieving your desired look. We’ve chosen five creative ways to display mosaics in your home.

Showcase As Wall Art

When planning an interior design, you can always look to the past for inspiration. Though you may not be able to create a sweeping mosaic wall, you can create a stunning focal point. Mosaics make gorgeous wall art in any room. Framed or not, you can mount your piece directly on the wall with the appropriate tools and materials. For some, it’s as easy as spreading plaster. For large pieces, be sure to consult the right installation guide

Create a Unique Tabletop

Mosaic tiles are typically water and stain-resistant, so they’re perfect for sprucing up a table. You can transform a simple tabletop or breathe new life into an antique. With a mosaic tabletop, you can create a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture.

Installing a mosaic tabletop is likely easier than you think. The first step is to figure out what size mosaic you’ll need. You can search for pieces that match your table dimensions or order a custom-sized mosaic from us at Mosaic Natural. We can cut tiles to precise measurements so you can create the exact table you want.

Elevate Your Pool

Because mosaic tiles are typically water-resistant, you can safely install them in your pools or fountains. Pool mosaics are attractive, functional, and easy to clean. They can liven up a wall or protect the bottom of your outdoor oasis. Create a tranquil spa with a majestic palm mosaic, or get nautical with an anchor and compass rose. 

For inspiration, check out our large collection of pool-friendly mosaics

Ditch the Fabric Rug

Traditional fabric rugs are heavy, easily stained, and collect every bit of hair in your home. Mosaic rugs are an elegant alternative to fabric. While many fabric rugs require outside cleaning, you can mop and sweep a mosaic rug just as you would a tile floor. They offer the same grand appearance without the effort.

Mosaic rugs are installed just like floor tiles and can last for years. Check out our selection of mosaics that make elegant and functional area rugs. 

Make an Artistic Backsplash

Take your cooking to the next level with a stain-resistant kitchen backsplash. Mosaics make lively alternatives to traditional backsplashes. They are easy to clean, attractive, and come in many shapes and sizes. You can cultivate the interior design you want by choosing a mosaic that fits your decor. 

Choose an elegant wine still life for a rustic eatery theme, or select a piece that ties your interior design together. For inspiration, browse our collection of kitchen-ready mosaics

The best way to incorporate a mosaic is however you see fit. Choose a piece that brings you joy, and you’ll be able to find an exciting way to display it. With so many exciting ways to showcase your piece, you’ll be spoiled for choice.