What is it about celebrity homes that is so entrancing? For many, it’s the feeling of being able to peek into a world far from our own—one where indoor pools, custom chandeliers, and sprawling gardens are commonplace. Seeing how celebrities bring their personal style to their spaces allows us to get a rare glimpse into their lives outside of the spotlight, as we notice what colors, textures, lighting, and art they choose to incorporate into their homes. 

Customization is a common theme of these houses. Each tour shows how the actors, musicians, or tastemakers brought in their personal style. Today, we’re thinking like designers and have matched eight of our favorite celebrity homes, taken from the Architectural Digest home tours, with a mosaic from our catalog, building upon their personal style with our own. Our mosaics help to bring a higher sense of elegance and artistic flair to any space, and we’d love to see them in any of these homes:

Jessica Alba

For businesswoman and actor Jessica Alba, her home is a clean and classic sanctuary for the family. The palette is primarily created from neutrals, with soft tans and creams paired with dusky and patinated grays. It exudes quiet elegance, with gentle light pouring in from the ample windows and an emphasis on creating a space that is all about family. For Jessica’s home, we’d recommend our Cream Rug Mosaic. This piece fits nicely in a variety of layouts and features scratch-resistant tiles, making it a great choice for a busy family.

Devin Booker

NBA start Devin Booker’s Arizona home is elegant and masculine, where mid-century touches are blended with contemporary textiles and textures. Amber and chocolate shades dominate the space, giving it a homey and timeless look. We love the idea of continuing the home’s modern sensibility with a modern mosaic—for his space, we’d pick the Rectangular Pattern Mosaic. This piece combines the old-world aesthetic of mosaics with a contemporary, abstract pattern that fits quite nicely with the many textures present in Devin’s home.

Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Saarsgaard

It’s always interesting to see how creative people bring the feeling of their city into their homes, and Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Saarsgaard have done so beautifully in their Brooklyn brownstone. From the marble sink to the old-world fireplace to the brick wall, their apartment feels particularly Brooklyn-ish. It even has a mosaic already—a lovely rendering of a bear, which would pair perfectly with our Tree Marble Mosaic. We think Maggie and Peter would appreciate the aged, organic feel of this piece and find the perfect place in their cozy space.

Hilary Duff

Much like herself, actor Hilary Duff’s home is fun, energetic, and full of life. A space for her family to live with joy and enthusiasm, the Los Angeles home is filled with dynamic patterns and playful shapes. And nothing says fun and sunshine like a pineapple, which is why we think this Pineapple Motif Mosaic is a great choice for Hilary and her family.

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beats

Bold personality and elegant statement pieces are at the forefront of musician power couple Alicia Keys and Swizz Beats’s oceanfront home: abstract, futuristic sofas sit next to sculptural side tables, under an undulating ceiling. Unique and colorful art objects and wall works punctuate various aspects of the space, nodding to the couple’s creative energies. For a place like theirs, we’d recommend this Flower Mosaic, which features a large, detailed blossom and would look fantastic next to their art collection.

Dakota Johnson

Nature is the focus for actor Dakota Johnson—her home features warm, sunny greens and plenty of raw and natural materials. The antique-leaning furniture, like her velvet sofa in a dusty caramel tone or the well-loved living room rug, communicate a sense of comfort and willingness to open up her home to guests—it has a real California energy. For this home, we’d recommend our White Wildflowers in a Green Vase Mosaic. The natural, hand-crafted beauty of this mosaic goes well with both the tones and feeling of Dakota’s space and would look beautiful dappled in the afternoon sunlight.

Kendall Jenner

Model Kendall Jenner may be relatively young, but her taste in interior design bridges old and new in a manner that demonstrates her appreciation for the range of design history. While antique wood comes into play throughout much of the house, arches are the predominant decorative motif—an ancient and familiar shape that endows her space with a royal, Mediterranean atmosphere. We’d suggest matching those arches with one of our own: the Woman in Archway Mosaic complements the architecture of the house, as well as the antiques in Kendall’s collection.

Michael Kors

With a view of Manhattan, it doesn’t take much to create the perfect apartment. Such is the case for designer Michael Kors’s relatively quiet and minimalist New York space, where dark wood and subdued colors allow impactful wall art and the stunning view to take center stage. To match the view and Michael’s art selections, we’d recommend our Woman Comforts Herself Mosaic, which offers a striking addition to his walls.

David Eardley is an artist, writer, and creative strategist. He is the founder of Pink Essay, a creative studio exploring the world of contemporary furniture and interior design through exhibitions, collaborations, and special projects.