Let’s face it, committing to a design style can be difficult. With so many options to choose from, sometimes choosing the path of least resistance is the smartest choice of all. That’s where contemporary design and decor comes in.

“Contemporary” can mean different things to different people, which is part of what makes this style of design and decor so brilliant. It gives you the freedom to decorate using modern amenities and items without having to limit yourself to a more niche design concept.

No matter the space, a mosaic can seamlessly fit into contemporary design and decor. Here are five unique pieces to spark some inspiration for a contemporary look.

Accent Piece

One of the hallmarks of contemporary design and decor is simplicity. Neutral colors and minimalist design can make a space feel clean and sophisticated, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add some personality into the decor. 

An accent piece like this Blue Flower Mosaic will help to brighten up the room and start a conversation. Plus, the oval shape can add some much-needed contrast to a space filled with boxy furniture or sharp features.

Dimension and Movement

If your contemporary space is feeling a bit stale, adding artwork that provides the illusion of movement can help to bring it back to life. This expertly crafted mosaic of a Woman in a White Dress is the perfect example. 

With a neutral color palette, this intriguing image is as versatile as it is beautiful. Whether it’s a living room, hallway, or bedroom, this piece of art can elevate your contemporary design and decor to the next level.

A Walk on the Wild Side

Bringing the look and feel of nature into your home can transform your contemporary room into a cozy sanctuary. For a bold statement, this Lounging Bengal Tiger Mosaic strikes the perfect balance between modernity and elegance.

Muted hues like cream and sage green work well in contemporary spaces due to their versatility. Artwork that combines these shades with a pop of color will do well to tie the design and decor together.

Less is More

One thing that attracts many people to contemporary design and decor is its simplicity. It often takes inspiration from minimalism, Scandinavian, and transitional styles.

While mono- or duochromatic color schemes may be a bit too extreme, a color palette like this Bouquet of Blooming Magnolia Flowers Mosaic hits all the right notes for a contemporary space. With a striking amount of negative space and a high contrast with the white of the flower petals, this piece of art is a contemporary designer’s dream.

Back to Basics 

Contemporary and timeless styles should go hand in hand. One of the easiest ways to decorate a contemporary space is to choose items that will stand the test of time. 

It doesn’t get much more timeless than a reimagined reproduction of one of Vincent Van Gogh’s most classic works of art. This Wheat Field with Cypresses Reproduction Mosaic will captivate guests and add a subtle wow factor to your space.

Take Your Design and Decor to the Next Level

Get inspired with Mosaic Natural’s full catalog of unique pieces just waiting to be added to your home. Or work with us to create a custom mosaic to your exact specifications. No matter the design style, a mosaic may be exactly what you need to complete the space.