This centuries old decorative art form can be celebrated in numerous places in your home.

Mosaics have been around in our history and culture for centuries. Combining granite, marble, and other colorful natural stones, mosaic arrangements have often been used as unique ways of artistic expression and as home decorations. If you’re looking to incorporate some mosaic pieces into your home, you may be curious about your options. Here are three different special ways that you can display mosaic art in your home.

Create a Dazzling Entryway with Floor Mosaics

One of the best ways to display your new mosaic features is in your floor tiles as focal pieces. Adding a mosaic art piece in the floor in your entryway helps create a bold foyer that will dazzle your guests and family alike. Featuring a mosaic by your front door will also help set the tone for the rest of your home, either through the motif of the mosaic or through the color scheme introduced in the design.

Liven Up Your Bathroom with Shower Mosaics

If you don’t want to include a mosaic in the floor of your entry hall, you can add a pop of interest in your bathroom by installing a shower mosaic. A shower mosaic is a small but mighty way to display this decorative art, as bathrooms are typically the smallest rooms in the house. Having a mosaic in the shower also allows you to have a bit more creativity with your mosaic selection, as opposed to featuring mosaic in main areas of your home where you may be trying to match other décor.

Display Mosaics as Wall Art

If you’d like to display a mosaic of your choice as if it is a painting, you can always purchase a mosaic and display it as mosaic wall art on its own. Guests will be enthralled by the bold color and unique texture, and your walls will look more lively than they might with standard prints and paintings and they will add value to your property.