Ask any nature lover, and they will tell you the same thing, it’s hard to surpass the sheer magnificence of the outdoors. Our planet features a variety of breathtaking landscapes and locales. The easiest way to enjoy them all is through art. This collection of landscapes is perfect for homeowners looking to incorporate natural beauty into their space.


Field of Sunflowers

Gardeners, farmers, and nature-enthusiasts love sunflowers for their charming appearance and vivid yellow color. Named for how they turn to follow the sun, sunflowers have become synonymous with positivity and joy. These striking flowers look even better when grown in a large field where they can reach over 20 feet tall.

This framed mosaic presents a sprawling field of yellow atop lush green stems and leaves. Each tile comes to life with stunning color that will brighten any room.

A Woodland in Autumn Mosaic

There is nothing quite like a walk through a forest during autumn. Each year, thousands travel to see the dramatic change in foliage as the green fades into stunning shades of yellow, orange, and red. Despite their warm tones, these colors create an ambiance of tranquility. A woodland in fall is enchanting and inviting.

Consider this exquisite work of art when you wish to bring some of nature’s most dynamic colors into your space. When installed within your home or business, this mosaic will elevate your interior design with distinctive beauty that can only be found deep within a forest.

A Tropical Beach at Sunset

For many nature lovers, the beach is their favorite destination. Beaches offer sun, sand, and a sea of blue as far as the eye can see.

Our Tropical Beach at Sunset mosaic is perfect for the days when you can’t step into the sand but still want to enjoy the peacefulness of the ocean underneath a setting sun. You will create a paradise within your space when you showcase this elegant work of art.

Southwest Mountain Range

Perhaps the true beauty of nature comes from the many colors it can produce. While fields of brightly colored flowers can energize a room, a rustic mountain scene can create a warm and welcoming aesthetic. The American Southwest is known for its giant rocks, mountains, and unique appearance.

Our large Southwest Mountain Range Mosaic is captivating enough to catch attention and easily blendable within Southwestern or rustic interior design schemes. You can keep your decor natural or add the prints and motifs that make this style famous for a unified and awe-inspiring theme.

View of the European Countryside

While many people would love to look outside and see a charming countryside with vineyards, mountains, and trees, such a view is hard to come by.

Whether you have visited a similar estate or you long to do so, this striking wall art features all of the allure of a sprawling European landscape. When you display this piece, your room will instantly transform. The composition of columns against a backdrop of widespread land will add a sense of openness and space to your interior design. It will feel like you are genuinely looking out over an inviting European landscape.

Van Gogh’s Wheat Field With Cypresses

Vincent Van Gogh is known for his engaging and thought-provoking landscapes. While nature lovers will enjoy most if not all of the painter’s work, his wheat fields are exceptionally intriguing. Often inspired by the world around him, Van Gogh was a nature lover himself and chose to express his enthusiasm through his art. He left us with some of the most captivating depictions of the natural world.

Our reproduction of Van Gogh’s Wheat Field with Cypresses has a reimagined color palette. While the original painting is full of many shades of green and blue, our mosaic is more muted and understated. The billowing greyscaled clouds offer a new ambiance to this classic painting. What once was a bright and breezy day now appears moody and dramatic, making it perfect for nature lovers who desire a subdued color palette.

Tranquil Lake Como, Italy

Located in Italy, the Lakes of Lombardy are interconnected lakes that beckon travelers every year with their enrapturing magnificence. Perhaps the most famous of these lakes is Lake Como, a picture-perfect vacation destination. Poet Percy Bysshe Shelley once said of Lake Como, “this lake exceeds anything I have ever beheld in beauty.”

With our Tranquility at Lake Como mosaic, you can feel as if you have purchased one of the lake’s many luxurious villas. Display this grand work of art atop a large wall in your living room, dining room, or entrance hall. You’ll be welcoming guests with a view to envy and an interior design to covet.

Crystal-Clear Desert Oasis

A true nature lover finds beauty in all landscapes and terrains. Deserts may seem barren, dry, and dull, but they are full of life. A desert oasis not only shines amongst the sand, but it can offer salvation for humans and animals alike. Picture yourself stopping at a crystal clear pool for a drink, surrounded by towering palm trees and sand dunes.

Our unique arched oasis mosaic makes a spectacular addition to your home. Its robust color palette features warm tones like burnt orange, dusky rose, goldenrod, and terracotta, as well as cool shades of green and blue. These natural colors will enhance your space when you incorporate them into your decor.

Patio on the Italian Countryside

Not all nature lovers are hikers or explorers. For many, simply existing outside is refreshing and energizing. Imagine sitting on a cozy patio overlooking the Italian countryside as you sip wine with friends or loved ones.

Our Patio on the Italian Countryside mosaic will give your room a gentle ambiance that is inviting yet not overpoweringly active. With this exquisite artwork, you can travel and experience the romanticism of an afternoon in Italy without leaving home.

River Rapids in a Forest

Hikers, campers, and naturalists all marvel at mighty rivers that separate forests with wild rampaging rapids. Usually nestled deep within dense woodlands, such a site can be challenging to reach. And, due to their often dangerously fast coursing waters, rapids are typically safer to see than to experience. So opting for an awe-inspiring work of art may be just the solution for you.

Our River Rapids In A Forest Mosaic allows you to feel the rush of a surging river without taking a step outside your front door. Here the water rushes downstream and crashes over large rocks and stones. Enjoy the incredible details like spraying water, leafy trees, and shadows our artisans create. This piece will elevate your room with elegant natural magnetism.

When cultivating a nature-inspired interior design, a grand landscape can unite the space and elevate your design scheme. Create the feeling of a forest retreat, a walk on the beach, or an afternoon in the countryside. Harness the effervescent appeal of the outside world and bring it

inside to your home. Whether you consider yourself a true nature lover or if you fancy yourself an art enthusiast, our landscape mosaics offer versatility and superb artistry.